Avengers Endgame Unanswered Questions

The more you think you know about this movie, the more you realize you know NOTHING!!  So listen in as I attempt to answer questions that probably have no answer.  And feel free to set me straight on any of the things I think I think!

Goodbye MCU…Hello MCM?

That MCM doesn’t stand for “Man Crush Monday” either!!  Join me as I discuss that SpiderMan Far From Home trailer.  I also touch on two comic book movies that I am really looking forward to: Brightburn and Joker!  Yeah, I talk about other stuff, too.



Quantum Leap

I’ve never really been one to take uncalculated risks.  Usually, I take the safest route possible as I navigate through this thing called life. I’m a productive member of society. I keep my head down. I blend in.

For at least ten years I’ve dreamt about coming out of obscurity to pursue a hobby. That hobby is podcasting.  For years I told myself that the hobby is too expensive, too time consuming, that I had nothing of importance to say. I believed this for years, but continued to love to listen to podcasts regularly. I spent hours every week listening to people who stepped out and did this thing that brought them joy, while I cowered in the background and made excuses.

Until 2018. This year I celebrated my 45th birthday. Suddenly, the thought of trying something new doesn’t seem so daunting. I had an epiphany in July, then started the wheels to spinning. Lately, I see myself as an unstoppable force. I’m checking items off my list and soon-very soon- I’ll be announcing a date for the premiere of my very own podcast!

After the Snap will dive into the MCU after Thanos’ monumental snap, and will also analyze and over theorize on many cinematic universes. I hope you join me on this new journey!