Will Avengers: Endgame Special Scenes Be Enough To Catch Avatar?

Today we discuss Disney’s Toy Story 4’s “disappointing” opening weekend, Sony’s (bad news) MIB International BTS DRAMA, Sony’s (good news) Spider Man Far From Home early reviews, the chances of me going to see Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame one more time, and OF COURSE The Make Me A Jedi segment- Rogue One!

Dark Phoenix, Black Mirror S5, Make Me a Jedi!!

This week we go DARK!!! The final installment of the X-Men (Dark) Phoenix, Black Mirror Season 5 (Dark), Make Me a Jedi- Revenge of the Sith (DARK!!!!). Tell me what you think of this week’s episode!

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Swamp Thing Cancelled, Blurryman, Make Me a Jedi!

In today’s episode we catch up on the rumors surrounding the Swamp Thing cancellation, discuss the season finale of CBS All Access’ Twilight Zone, and continue my path to becoming one with The Force in our Make Me a Jedi segment!

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Make Me a Jedi- The Phantom Menace

If I’m going to get serious about this Jedi thing, here’s where it starts!

I’m starting with episode 1.

Initially, I thought about going back to 1977 and starting with what was then known as plain old “Star Wars”- but if there’s an episode 1 why not start there? So, I’m excited. It’s the first thing on my “to do list” when I get home from work. If I’m going to get serious about this Jedi thing, here’s where it starts.

To find out how I felt about Episode 1- The Phantom Menace, check out After The Snap the Podcast on Tuesday afternoon. We’ll also be discussing the X-Men franchise and, of course, any pressing news coming out of the Cinematic Multiverse.

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