Venom Reality

If you read my previous post, you know that I was worried about how I would receive Venom. I spelled out my expectations for the movie,  which  weren’t very high. Today’s post follows up  with Venom Reality.

I went to see Venom Thursday evening. It was the first screening at this particular theater and the crowd was pretty sparse. That kind of concerned me because, rumor had it, the critics weren’t kind. I hoped that fact didn’t keep die hard fans from giving the movie a chance.

I settled into my seat , enjoyed the trailers and expected the late crowd to show up. Nope. When the feature started, I gave the screen my full attention. The movie started a little slowly. The acting was a bit sketchy (or was it the dialog?). By the time we met Eddie Brock, I was really thinking the worst. He and his ‘fiancee ‘ Anne had about as much chemistry as a one night stand. Things were not going well.

I guess the whole first half of the movie was just not my cup of tea. Things picked up once Eddie met the symbiote. We were treated to the promised action sequences, very believable interaction between Eddie and the symbiote, and progression of the plot. There was quite a bit of comedy. I was a bit confused by that, but I guess Deadpool? Anyhow, the climax was predictable. Tom Hardy was excellent despite being handcuffed by a bad script. Overall, my expectations were slightly exceeded. With a better script and better chemistry between him and the love interest , Venom could have been a decent stand alone movie. We did see a lot of the action in the trailers but there were a few surprises. The dialog between Eddie and Venom was quite believable. The ending as rather “blah”, but the mid credit scene did intrigue me for what’s next. I’ve definitely seen worst movies this year, but this is the lowest for this genre, in my opinion. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Venom Expectation

Venom’s trailers have seduced me all summer. Those trailers have promised me a wild and dark look into the relationship between Eddie Brock and the symbiote. I’ve been teased with high action and awesome stunts and the Venom symbiote taking over completely when Brock utters the command ” Mask! ”

I’ve been tempted by these trailers, but my expectations aren’t very high. The PG13 rating is a necessary evil if Sony wants to introduce Spidey into the mix at a later time, so I’m not going to harp on that. The real problem is whether this stand alone movie can stand without the Web Head.

I’m also convinced that Venom has shown me all the money shots in the trailers they’ve been tantalizing me with for months. If that turns out to be the case, it’s going to be a long hour and 52 minutes at the theater.

I’ll follow up with my experience after I’ve seen the movie. I just hope that Sony hasn’t put the cart before the horse and ruined the possibilities this character could deliver with his favorite enemy, Spider Man. If this one stinks, I’m not sure we’ll get the rest of the trilogy.


Quantum Leap

I’ve never really been one to take uncalculated risks.  Usually, I take the safest route possible as I navigate through this thing called life. I’m a productive member of society. I keep my head down. I blend in.

For at least ten years I’ve dreamt about coming out of obscurity to pursue a hobby. That hobby is podcasting.  For years I told myself that the hobby is too expensive, too time consuming, that I had nothing of importance to say. I believed this for years, but continued to love to listen to podcasts regularly. I spent hours every week listening to people who stepped out and did this thing that brought them joy, while I cowered in the background and made excuses.

Until 2018. This year I celebrated my 45th birthday. Suddenly, the thought of trying something new doesn’t seem so daunting. I had an epiphany in July, then started the wheels to spinning. Lately, I see myself as an unstoppable force. I’m checking items off my list and soon-very soon- I’ll be announcing a date for the premiere of my very own podcast!

After the Snap will dive into the MCU after Thanos’ monumental snap, and will also analyze and over theorize on many cinematic universes. I hope you join me on this new journey!